Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let me start off by saying Happy Thanksgiving, hope you guys have a blessed one. I'm just thankful we have another day on this earth.  My kids and I are sick and I can't taste a thing right now. I've been coughing all night and Gabby had a high fever. Farrah stayed with my aunt so it was just Gabby and I last night. Right now Gabby is intrigued by my spools of thread. She must be bored. I plan to go and spend some time with family, then it's back to work tomorrow. No black Friday for me.

Anywhoo I haven't been feeling to great lately so this project took a few days to complete:

Sweet Child Of Mine 

I will come back and add a description later.
Have a blessed day

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  1. I hope that you and the girls are feeling better soon! Happy Thanksgiving.