Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi all

Sorry its been a great while since I have posted much less created anything. I decided to get my health on track so I have been exercising, eating better and walking daily. The last time I created something was for mothers day. I printed some pictures I took of the kids and painted frames and gave them to my aunt and mother. I have not used my camera since May. Oh how I miss creating but I will get back into it soon. I've missed all my friends, how have you been?

As far as progress goes, I started out @ 186 in March of this year. As of today I am 171. I wont say that it is easy because its not. There are times when I just want to pig out but I know I cant. There are times when I just don't want to exercise but I know if I do I will be closer to my goal. My children love exercising too. Well I hope you all are enjoying summer. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't give up on me baby....I'm still here

Greeting everyone hope your mothers day went well. I have been enjoying the sun, fresh air and warm weather. I have put creating on hold a bit but I will soon be back. I do have some layouts to upload but my internet has been severly slow over the past few weeks so I have not been on as much as home. I can get on @ work but too many roadblocks....

Well just popped in to say hello and have a blessed day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Been A While...

Hello, I know it's been a few weeks since I have posted but I have not been too far. Since the weather has been nice we have been doing more activities outdoors and I have taken LOTS of pictures of the kids. Yay! not more winter pictures. Anywhoo, the weather here has been sooo gorgeous but we got a reality check yesterday because its back down to 45-50's. We are in Wisconsin so we should not have expected those warm 80's to last for long.

I am keeping up with my exercising, watching my food intake and added walking to the mix. I must add that it is great, I do have not reached the point where I dread it yet but I actually look forward to being active and getting outside now. Also I can snap so pictures along the way!

Since I am @ work and not on my home laptop I cannot upload pictures or projects. I have one layout on my home desk thats waiting for a title and journalling. My goal for 4/13 was 30 layouts, however I fell way short of my goal I think I completed 12. I was down in the dumps about not getting the promotion so I was not very productive in creating. Hopefully I will get back to the challenges over @

Well until later, have a blessed day and happy crafting.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Serious Retail Therapy

First off, before I bought anything for myself, I got the kids a few outfits. They grow soooo fast is scary. Gabby will be 5 in June and Fay will be 10 next January. My how time has flown by. Secondly I am still upset about not getting the job :( but I will get over it soon. Thirdly I do sympathize with the other workers that were also passed over, because they may also be hurting. Fourthly I still have a job which is a blessing in itself.

I decided to take a day off to sulk and shop. Tomorrow I am getting my hair done so that may lift my spirits. Since I have been exercising the sweat has my hair looking crazy. I did not know this would happen but I am on the way to a healthier me. I had a relapse and got a Whopper Jr meal from Burger King. I am sure I will have to work my butt off later today. I found myself doing leg lifts while shopping and in the checkout line. I'm sure ppl thought I was crazy! Can you imagine how crazy it is to walk and squeeze your butt muscles together LOL, I know too much information but @least you guys know that I am human!

So here's the lot of what I picked up today:

I've got some Echo Park, Pebbles, Basic Grey Mint Julep in here. I'll always love pink but I have started leaning towards blues, aquas, turquoise and yellows. So cute right?

The American Crafts Items on the left were from Target along with the clipboard. The butterflies, doilies and brads are from Michaels. I love magazines so the Embellish book is right up my ally. The ribbon is American Crafts from TJ Maxx. I got the Spellbinders from Joann's, but I may take the Lattice template back, not really feeling it now! The punches are from Michaels, by the way, check them out they have a new line of EK Success Punches!

My Pretties
I used this weeks Sunday Sketch by Studio Calico. The heart paper is DCWV, the butterfly sticker is CP On Trend. The dot paper and banner is Simple Stories Vintage Bliss. The buttons are Basic Grey Nook and Pantry

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So defeated and crushed!!!!

So I did not get the job I applied for. However a few less qualified staff did that have not been here for even a year! Even the bosses son received a promotion! 5 of the people hired are related to upper staff! I feel like I wasted my time with the whole process. I know that I am qualified, I am not cocky about it, but I do an damn good job @ work. I volunteer to help when needed, even helping others get their work done.Thankful to have a job right now but I feel so crossed, defeated, disgusted and angry.

I don't want to do any work, I don't want to talk to ppl. I know that I am acting like a spoiled brat right now but I am truly hurt by this. This is not an easy job, daily I deal with people on public assistance. This is not some job that you can float on by and coast. We are dealing with people's livelyhood here; they depend on foodshare to keep food in the house, medical for health reasons, and child care to maintain employment.

I need to advance and grow, I feel like I am wasting my time here and I am stuck in this same position. Some words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated now. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid week check in

Hello hope your week is going well. I am stillll waiting to hear about the interview. See I manage a caseload for foodshare, medical, childcare and other income maintenance programs. The job can be highly stressful but I do what I have to do to maintain. But there's alot of speculation and rumors going on about who got offered the jobs....I want to advance and I feel like I am wasting my potential. Yes its more work and a few more bucks but I would be a lead worker and serve as a resource of information to my coworkers and I would still maintain a caseload and see my clients. I love seeing clients and connecting with them on some level but I feel like I deserve a promotion, not that I deserve the job. I'm sure there are others who feel that they deserve a promotion too. I guess I don't like the word deserve because I don't deserve anything. I work hard and make sure my work is done timely. I read the policy and I ask questions if I need assistance. I help others where needed, sometimes I go beyond. I do get bored @ the level I am on; I need some projects to keep me busy throughout the day and I feel like this job would give me that.

Well let me stop whining. I'm blessed to have a decent job but I need more! I know you guys have been there right? The kids had great reports during parent teacher conference. Farrah is a big talker but she gets her work done. Gabby, who is 4, is writing her name. Shes getting very good @ it. She's quiet and has made a few friends. For the most part she listens but sometimes she will get cranky during nap time. Not because she wants to sleep, but she doesn't want to lie down! She will pitch a huge fit and the teacher will try to calm her down or call me. But her teacher said she loves having her in the class and she's really sweet.

Well goodnight everyone. Be blessed.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Punch Obsession

I love punches! I love hearts, circles, scallops, butterflies, borders, flowers..punches of all kinds! I decided to go to Joann's today in hopes to find some new punches and I'm glad I did! I found these lovely punches 40%  off. I love J's but I found they do jack up their prices and put them on sale. I can find a $15.99 punch @ Michaels and the same one will be $17.99 @ Joann's~ so not fair!

So yesterday I took the kids over a college friends house to celebrate her 3 year old daughters birthday.They had sooo much fun, played and ate alot of candy. I let Farrah spend the night and Gabby came home with me. Today I treated Gabby to Olive Garden. She ate the salad, breadsticks, more salad and grapes. I did order her an entree but she refuses to eat them so I will give to Farrah when she returns home. I ate too much, so I had to burn off some of those calories. I love Italian food! My favorite dish is chicken Alfredo with mushrooms added and stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. I can't ever eat all my food there because I fill up on the salad and breadsticks!

So now I'm watching Serpico with Al Pacino. Yea it's old but I love old movies! Gabby has picture day tomorrow so I am also fixing her hair up pretty. However it probably wont last long because she is a rough sleeper and she sweats when she plays hard...Farrah should be coming home any moment now which means the quietness of my house will cease and the loudness and bickering of 2 young girls will fill the air....

 So here's what I picked up today @ Joann's:

I picked up the titles and element stickers, pretty cute and they were 40% off. The Cuttlebug folder is also new, I love hearts so this is perfect. I also picked up a Making Memories paint spreader. 

I am sooo glad I went because I would not have seen these cute new punches. Hexagons are in and these are perfect and better as they were on sale. 


Farrah and Gabby enjoying a piece of birthday cake. Farrah turned 9 on 1/31/13. I used some old Pink Paislee Daily Junque, Ek Success Banner punch and scraps of Maggie Holmes, Dear Lizzy and DCWV Summer Stack

Well it's about time that I wrap this up, just wanted to pop in to show the goodies I purchased today. Have a blessed week.