Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Birdhouses~ A day late...And a Layout

I know its Monday. I was too lazy to post yesterday so I'm posting yesterday's project today, on a Monday.    a few weeks ago I bought 2 birdhouses @ Joann's and I thought it would be cool to let the kids paint it. And of course get some pictures in the process. So finally yesterday I laid out some newspaper, plates, paint and foam brushes for the kids to use. Gabby wanted to use brown, I coaxed her into using pink. Yes I love pink but who wants a brown birdhouse??? OK I get it, its for the kids. Let them be right? Well they started off painting and Farrah's looked really good, but Gabby's not so much. Well she's only 4 what do I expect??? Then she got all mad because she felt it wasn't going well. But quickly went back to her project. Then they started mixing their colors together. Farrah with hot pink and blue. Gabby with pink and purple. Here are a few shots of them and as always, thanks for looking:

And here is the finished product:

I don't think Farrah intentionally covered the hole but I photographed the wrong side, forgive me.

And here's a layout that I completed tonight:

Gabby and Farrah 1 Sunday afternoon. The reason I titled it Sugar or Spice is because in contrast to the dreamy look of the photo, the dresses and the nice weather, they both look "hard" instead of soft and girlish. From the looks on their faces to the poses they are doing. They don't normally take pictures like this.

Lots of banners here, of course the ones @ the top I punched out but the bottoms I did by hand. I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the paper too. I lightlty misted this one, didnt want to be too heavy on it. Thanks for looking. 


  1. Too cute, your girls are precious! They are so lucky to have a creative Mom.

  2. Thier bird houses are great. I love doing projects with the kids :D