Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to work, the heat is back and I am tired. But not tired enough to create.

Hello all. How was your week? Well I went back to work on Tuesday. Didn't want to but I had to. I wasn't able to work on any layouts until last night. I have posted the two. The heat is back in Milwaukee and I am soooo uncomfortable. Thank God I have a AC though. OK so this morning I had planned to go to Old Navy to get some of those $1 flip flops. However when I got there there was a line as long as the Wall in China! All kinds of people, some with an unkempt appearance. As I walked past the line I decided to just go in Michael's and grab some of those "Creatology" ones for $1.25 and 15% off my purchase. I sat for a while outside while the parking lot slowed down and chatted with an Old Navy customer. She was sitting outside smoking a cig. She said there was a fight and the police had to be called. What kinda crap is that?

I wasn't that hard up to go in there so I left. So not that serious!

I will try to take a nap once I finish posting. Here's my creation.

These photo's were taken last Sunday. I save my DSLR for these types of shots and my regular point and shoot for snapshots. I dont really direct them, I let them be them most of the time. But of course the little one will cooperate when SHE wants to. The older doesnt mind. I use Picasa to edit my picture and I used "cross process" filter. I LOVE IT! I think it gives more life to the pictures. I added some stitching and I used dimensional paint and brushed it with a foam brush. I did not know that you could do that with puffy paint. I learned you can. I will be doing this more often. Then I used a template and more paint. I found these cool moth stamps @ Michael's today. 40% off I had to get them. At first glance I thought they were regular butterflies but I couldnt pass them up. I am so infactuated with butterflies. I have so many stamps and punches. Also I got the Smash Tape today too. I guess its new. Michaels has more Smash items in. I added more paint! Its from Apple Barrel, called Honeysuckle pink. Really cute out of the bottle. I love that they are so inexpensive. You can adorn your page with them easily. I misted a little bit, didnt want to overwhelm the page. Thanks for looking.


This came together pretty quickly last night. I used mainly scraps . I love using punched negatives like flowers, hearts and butterflies.

This is Gabby's favorite smile. She loves to do this more than anything. Dont know where she got it from but I can tell you she's got her own way about her. Thanks for looking. 


  1. Your layouts are great!! LOl love that smile.. makes me smile!! Sorry you had to go back to work.. always hard after vacation!! or the weekend!! LOL Or just a day off! Hope you got your nap in.. I'm feeling like I should have one today!! Right now!

    1. Thanks Susan. The weekend went too fast though.

  2. Your layouts are adorable. Your were so bold to go mix media on us! Girl I think the Old Navy line you were in extended all the way to Boston!!!

    1. Thanks girl. And I did not get in that line. I was not about to LOL.