Saturday, June 9, 2012

Busy weekend and some bday pictures..

Gabby turned 4 yesterday (Friday June 8th). I have been up since 7 am and I am beat. We had a BBQ today with some of her family members. It was hot today, about 90 and will be the same tomorrow. I forgot my camera but I had my Smartphone so I used that. I didn't take as many pictures as I could have but with the weather being so hot and my irritation @ some things today, the few that I did take were enough. Her dad decided to have a pool and water balloons. Gabby was not happy when her uncle doused her with the water balloon. Nor did she want to sit in the cold water or be splashed on. She's very touchy like me. I don't like to be splashed with water, also, I was not about to get my hair wet LOL. Farrah on the other hand wanted to be doused, sprayed and dunked...She doesn't mind.

Here are a few pictures of Gabby, thanks for looking.

Gabby looking hot in her bathing suit

Gabby, uncle Marty and cousin Monty

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  1. Mia, it was hot here yesterday too! 92 I think it was.. AND! I forgot my camera too LOL I was so upset! And we were an hour away so it wasn't like I could rush home and get the camera! She is SO CUTE! Happy Birthday to her :) Hope your day was great!