Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy crafting week and some bad news.

So this week I completed 4 layouts, which is good considering it usually takes about a week to finish ONE layout. On Wednesday my mother told me she has breast cancer. It has not spread and its in the very early stages, her doc says she will survive this. Don't know much about it so I will be researching with her. It seems unreal, I don't know what to think. I haven't explained to my kids yet, I don't know how to tell my 8 year old. she has already experienced my grandfather's death in 2008. My uncle died April this year and a close family friend died March this year. So Wednesday night I couldn't go to sleep. I started working on layouts. I will probably crank out more to keep my mind from wondering. But I know the best thing for me to do is read my bible, pray and be there for my mom.

So now I'm sitting here watching Matlock while the kid folds the laundry. Last night I worked on this layout:
This is one of those late in the day pictures where you take the kids out and let them play for a while all the while planning to snap some pictures. We had walked to the playground and they wanted to climb this tree. Gabby just would not take a normal picture so I just started snapping. I didn't know that Farrah was hiding behind her until I printed out them pictures. Cute huh?

As you can see I painted the background. I love acrylic paint and pink is my favorite color. Then I added the circle stamp. Can you believe it was only $3.99 @ Michael's from their Ditto line. Soon as I saw it i grabbed it. I used Staz On in Timber Brown. I used Jenni Bowlin foam stamps to make the borders. I love that its not perfect. I decided to back the photo in orange instead of pink or turquoise. I used American Crafts Jared arrow stamp to point to Farrah who was hiding behind Farrah. 


  1. Gorgeous page and big hugs to you and your mom. Good to hear it is in a early stages . The recovery prognosis is very very high, but it is still scary

    HUGS again and have a good week

  2. Beautiful it an 8.5"x11"? I will keep your mother lifted up in prayer as well as your family! We know through faith she will get through this...she is healed by His stripes!

  3. That is an incredible page, Mia. I love how you used that circle stamp- I bought one too, but have been very unimaginative with it, only playing with it in such a boring straightforward way. I love how you used it on this page!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. And again, those are the cutest kids!! I love how she's peeking out!

    So sorry to hear your bad news. I'll say some prayers for all of you, too.


  4. Adorable.. Your pages are fantastic! And they are ADORABLE!

  5. Very cute layout great pic. My prayers are with you and your mom.

  6. I have to agree with Kory on this one- I bought the very same stamp and it's sitting there all lonely-you ROCKED it! The photo is great- the paint is great- I LOVE how empowering you make pink! It's fun and energetic- come to think of it- just like your girls!!! I'm so very sorry to hear about your Mom but it looks like the worst news also has a solution so I will keep your family in my thoughts- hug her for me.