Sunday, July 15, 2012

My little artists

The kids were so excited to paint their birdhouses'. Gabby painted the smaller one and Farrah had the taller one. Gabby wanted to use brown but I coaxed her to use pink. I let them dry on the porch and they decorated them further the next day. During that week we had some strong wind and they went flying @ the porch. Well Farrah's was found but no sign of Gabby's until a few days after that, we found her birdhouse, it was bruised and battered. I think the neighbors kids found it and broke it. Farrah offered her's up to Gabby but I said I would get her another.

I used Tattered Angels Cosmos mist and Studio Calico Bubbles mask to create the background. Then I stamped added the banners and threw some yellow paint. I let that dry and added the pictures. Thanks for looking.


  1. This is such a great layout, I love the yellow splatters and their bird house's are beautiful :D

  2. Your layout is adorable and the girls look like they had a great time. FYI you should stop by Jojorenee's blog for a surprise.

  3. Nice work scrapping your photos of the bird house painting!