Thursday, July 19, 2012

TJ Maxx Finds

A few days ago a member over @ mentioned finding punches @ TJ Maxx so I decided to check them out today. To my surprise I was happy to find a few @ great prices. To be honest I was so happy I could curse, but instead I stood in the aisle multitasking-I was attempting to pay my phone bill online however every stinking month I have to create a new password that mysteriously doesn't work the next month. Okay, back to the story. The kids were touching everything and asking questions. A while back I had told Gabby not to touch anything because it was all glass and it would break hoping that would stop her. This time she remembered what was plastic and glass so she only picked up the notepads, soap and other items.

I picked up about 6 punches. I love border and shaped punches. Especially flowers, hearts and scalloped shapes. Even though they may not be using for a few weeks, I still think I got a good deal on them. What do you think?

The square punch was $2.99 , fence type, retro flower, swiss cheese, garland star and scroll punch were $3.99 (awesome deal right?) I could have easily paid $15.99 @ Joann's. The EK double heart punch was $9.99 and the Fiskar's punch was $8.99. I got them both online. 

Well I am very tired and extremely glad tomorrow is Friday so that I can sleep in on Saturday morning. Have a blessed evening. 


  1. That is an AWESOME deal! I love that place. :D

  2. I am very jealous! I have a strange NEED for the swiss cheese punch. Guess I am gonna try to get to TJ's ASAP!



  3. Yeah that Swiss Cheese punch is great for making confetti. I see people use it on cards and Project Life inserts- iut's greta for that POW glitter paper which is thin and super shiny (love it!) I bought it when it first came out and now live in regret because HELLO 2.99!!! Also how jealous am I of you in the midwest? NYC TJ Maxx has the dregs- feel sad for me. :) That heart and square punch is selling at the store I work at for 15 each so that was a HUGE find. Shopping DIVA.

  4. AWESOME find! I've been going to local TJ Maxx's for the last couple of weeks with NO success until yesterday. I finally found the little 6x6 MME paper pads! Wish mine had the punches, too, though!

    1. Hi Becky, I looked for the pads but I did not find any. I was a little disappointed but the punches made up for it.

  5. A lot of TJ Maxx, Marshall's & Home Goods carry a small amount of craft items. When I can't get to Mikes, AC or Joann's I head there hoping for a little steal and relief!

  6. WOW! You did hit the jackpot! I would of been super excited too. Hey I am new over at and look forward to seeing you there. Take care!