Saturday, July 21, 2012

I love punches and I have gone PUNCH CRAZY(er)

Hello ladies and gents. It's Saturday and it's cloudy and hot. I did some more shopping today and found these new EK Success punches @ J's

Lets start from the lower left. I actually got it @ TJ Maxx today for $3.99, its called "Argyle"
The one right next to it is called "Calligraphy Frame" from Joann's 50% off $8.99 great steal
The next one is "Retro Flower Burst", "Flourish Heart Frame", "Star Burst" and "Heart Frame". All bought with coupons. Finally, I really didn't care for the butterfly linking punch but it was $2.99 @ TJ Maxx so I grabbed it along with the "Flower Burst" punch. You can still find the Argyle, Butterfly and Flower Burst border punches from $15.99-$19.99 @ J's.

I also went to Tuesday Mornings and got some buttons. Yes I love buttons. One pouch has aquas, browns and pinks-my faves. The other one has peaches, aquas, light blues, pinks and other colors. I don't have them in front of me so I'm going strictly off memory. I did not forget the kids though. Farrah and Gabby got a doll and while we were in TJ Maxx Gabby picked up a lady bug shaped back pack. She's holding it right now, I don't think she will put it down soon.

Now the real challenge is actually using these items. Happy crafting.


  1. love seeing great deals and especially sharing your score!

  2. Great loot, you've got me wanted to get dressed and head to the nearest TJ Maxx