Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Sister Love and Monday Madness

Ahhh, finally I can relax and breath. My weekend was busy and it went entirely too fast. I'm currently watching "Metropolis" It's old as my dad, yes my father is in his 70's, almost 80. I don't understand this movie, I did not know it was a silent film; at least it has captions and explanations. I will try to watch the whole thing. Probably not though LOL.

Yesterday the kids went to a party and had so much fun. They stayed with their cousins while I went home alone to a quiet house, YAY! Anyway I snapped some pictures of the kiddies, even though they fight alot they love each other.

Today I took them for ice cream and fries.  Gabby decided to dip hers in her strawberry sunday. Farrah had a caramel sunday. I had a burger and fries. These kids were so loud I was embarrassed. Thanks for looking.

Yes I know how to have fun sometimes...

No smiles????

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