Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Silly Me (bit of silly)

So right now I am watching CSI Miami Season 9 on DVD. I love Horatio Caine (David Caruso) I love this show, I hope it never ends but I read they were in danger of, gasp, cancelling it. Please don't, this is the best show on regular TV. I love crime drama shows, Body Of Proof is next on my list. I rented CSI Miami from the library but I have to watch it right away because it's due back 7 days and there is no grace period. I said to myself how am I going to watch an entire season of CSI Miami in 7 days when I have to work? Well I make it happen, I scrap and I watch. I take a break and I watch. I ignore the kids and I watch.

I bought another frame today from Michael's. It's a collage frame to be exact, I painted it a spearmint green color. LOVE this color, however I realized after I let it dry that I had forgotten to paint one side. Well I will finish it tomorrow. I said to myself, at least I started on it rather than let it sit for months and months collecting dust.

This is my latest project. I started on it last week and worked on it little by little. My kids rarely see the silly side of me although I love cracking jokes with friends and family. But I don't do a lot of horse play with them. I didn't inherit the playful side of my mother, but I did get the part where she's mostly business and no pleasure. That's something I am working on.  My children are very silly and like to play games and joke. However, Gabby has inherited the serious side of me, she will be silly when she wants to and when she does, it's usually full on! Farrah on the other hand is silly all the time and doesn't know when to quit. When Farrah was taking the picture I decided to be spontaneous and show bits of my silly; I actually told her to do it just like me.

The process:
First I cut my ppr down to 8/11 (Amy Tan Sketchbook coll)
Then I distressed the edges with Making Memories Edge Scraper
I punched using Martha Stewart Embroidery punch those doilies out of scraps
I also distressed the edges of the ppr strips
I misted using a template from Crafter's Workshop and Tattered Angels Cranberry Zing
I misted some Vibez Sunset Strip
Cut a few banners out of Trendy Tape also punched pennants with the Jennie Bowlin punch
Adhered my pictures to the distressed ppr scrap
Added some Jilted Jade paint let dry and I was done

Until later, toodles. 


  1. You two are adorable even when making silly faces, great layout!

  2. I think the goofy faces are super cute- and its a memory your kids will have and treasure for a long, long time! Soak it up!!