Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super Sunday: Scrapping, sloppy Joe and Spider-Man 3

The weekend went pretty fast and it's back to work tomorrow. We are expecting another scorcher  tomorrow (94). Today it's about 90, breezy and cloudy. Yesterday I woke up @ 7 thinking I was going to be late for work. Then it hit me that it was Saturday, I didn't have to work. I went back to sleep. This weekend I did a bunch of shopping but got some extremely good deals. I have already posted about my adventures.

Today I decided to make sloppy Joe rather than fry some chicken. I got home, prepared my food and realized I had NO sloppy Joe so it was back to the store I went and came back home to finish our meal. Quick and easy, I don't make elaborate meals like my mother made when we were growing up and she still  does today.

Right now I'm watching the tail end of Steven King's Silver Bullet. I love his movies, I think they are actually better than what's out now. Up next is Spider Man 3. OK I know it's a teen movie but I liked 1 and 2, which   I have. Plus it was $4.75 @ Target. And I get to analyze it so its all good LOL. As a student of psychology, I am always picking something apart to find a deeper meaning. Alot of ppl don't like to watch TV with me LOL because I cant just watch, I have to break it down.

OK here's they layout that I've just finished....

First off I need to give credit for Michelle Hernandez over on for inspiring me with her "Celebrate Today" layout. You can see it here : Celebrate Today

I loved how she arranged her pictures, the little touches and the flower embellishment. 

Gabby is 4 years old and she is slowly opening up and letting her personality show through. I don't know where she got that hand on the hip thing but she was happy to smile for the camera. I'm loving paint these days. This time I thumped a qtip over the paper and let it go wherever. Lots of punching here, loving the Fiskar's pennat and banner punch. Also I love butterflies too. Thanks for looking and check out the link to Michelle's gallery, she's got alot of great layouts. 


  1. Adorable layout! I love the paint and how you used her age in your title!

  2. Thanks much. Paint is one of my best friends now.

  3. Great page Mia!!! I really do enjoy your style:) What a precious bundle of energy Gabby must be ! lol Her smile sure is infectious! The title is perfect!