Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Friday

Just wanted to pop in to say hello. I have no layouts to post tonight. Watching a tv special on the shooting in Connecticut. I can't even describe my mood tonight. I'm in shock, I cannot believe someone would open fire on a classroom of 5 year old's. I have no idea what I would have done. But I am not here to bash the gunman. Lets pray for the families that have been touched by this tragedy. As someone who lost a cousin to gun fire, I take things like this to heart. Lets pray for our families and our own relationships with them. Lets pray for love and patience. I pray that eyes will be opened and people accept Christ into their lives and that he transforms all that accept him.

You guys have a blessed weekend and take care.


  1. Yes, after hearing of the tragedy...I just didn't wanna hear anymore. No facebook, no tv, no nothing. I cried at work as I have a 5 year old in Kindergarden...and I could NOT imagine being in those families shoes. May God show mercy on his healing grace for these families. Still heartbroken of it all... =(
    Sorry to hear of you having to go through that tragedy as well...stay strong.