Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not @ A Stand Still!

Hello and good morning how are you doing? We are well, just adjusting to the sudden switch in cooler weather. Can you believe just a few days ago it was about 70 degrees here in Milwaukee? Well it was and it soon left because for the past day or so it dipped down to about 40 degrees. It is Wisconsin so our weather can change @ a moment. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the products I used.

Here are 2 creations I most recently completed.

Stand Still

These kids I tell you! Sometimes it's very hard for me to get a good pic of them because 1 or the other will refuse to stand still. Such as the case with these pictures. As you can see in the first Farrah is looking @ Gabby but Gabby's eyes are closed. In the 2nd Farrah is looking @ me but her eyes are closed and Gabby decided she wanted to walk away.

I normally don't do 11x 8.5, I haven't
 done them in a long while but I am pleased with this one. I got the inspiration from November's Scrapbook Trends. You can see the layout by Kim Jeffress on pg 22 if you have it. What I loved about it was the design and her large banners. I used a few scraps to make the banners and did some light misting with some spray by Ditto.

She Says 

Gabby giving her signature smile. I listed a few of the things she says : Bubblerand instead of rubberband, Pop its instead of Bubblewrap, Teaf instead of Tea and "momma, why you got that?" in reference to any snack item I may have @ the moment.

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  1. That Gabby girl! I still get tickled every time I see her "signature" smile! lol Always enjoy visiting your blog!