Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Thursday

I have been pretty much excited all week. Why you ask? Because as of 4:30 PM today, I will be on vacation until I return back to work on 8/20/12. Yes I need the break. I "run" all week, work 40 hrs and take care of 2 minor children. I need some rest, sleep, or shut eye as my southern raised family says.

My sis from Atlanta is here visiting so we have to catch up. We hadnt seen her since Christmas '11. She's watching my mom while she recovers from surgery. A while back I mentioned my mother has breast cancer. She's has been doing ok lately. She's up and down. I think she's more settled since my sis has been in town. Keep us in your prayers.

Although I haven't been scrapping because I have been watching Love and Hop Hip Atlanta. See, I dont have cable to I watch when Im @ my mothers or online. I normally don't watch reality shows but this one caught my attention and I've been just a tad bit fixated on the show. Also that hasn't slowed down my shopping. I really do need to put a cap on spending. But I did get some great new CHA products over the past week or so. I love the new MME collections. I had to swoop some of those up. I love paper~ now if I just took the time to organize it....I also got some new Crafter's Workshop templates. Have you seen them? They are gorgeous! I picked up some more glimmer mists and paint. I love paint, haven't you noticed?

I've also been reading books like crazy. I think I've read about 4 or 5 within the last 2 few weeks. I read fast and 1 thing about me if it seems like a really good book and I want to see what happens in the end without taking the time to read the whole thing, I will read the last chapter and work my way back to where I started. Weird right? That's just me lol. Matter of fact I've finished 2 books this week and I'm on to the next. When it's slow @ work I can chill and do data entry.

I actually need to get some more ink for my printer. I find that I run out of yellow, cyan and magenta lately. I chalk that up to most of the kids clothes are bright. It's amazing how much ink you use when you only print a few photo's @ a time. OK I've said a mouthful. Hope your day is going swimmingly. Have a blessed one.


  1. Enjoy your vacation. I hope your mom keeps improving.

    I too love to read. I use my kindle and tend to keep them and then read them over and over. I will admit that I am reading fifty shades again...but don't dare to say what number I am on as far as reading it.

  2. Keeping your mom an you guys in prayer. Love and Hip Hop makes me smack my head sometimes. I wish Mimi knew that she deserves better.