Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little Juice Love and Some Freeway Driving...

Well good evening everybody. Day 5 of my vacation is winding down and said to say I must return to work on Monday. I had gotten used to being off work. Back to waking up early and getting the kids ready for their day. I didn't do much but burn gas all week and put miles on my car. Yesterday I drove my mother to an appointment. I was adamant that we were going to take her truck AND drive on the freeway. She was beyond scared, she was angry that I disobeyed her by driving on the freeway. Did she actually think I was going to take the street from N. 18th street to S. 113th???? NOT. However on the way home I did take the street because she was so anxious. She NEVER drives the freeway and cannot handle high speeds. Well I had to adjust while driving her Ford Expedition, which is built like a cruise liner, I mean I was nervous myself because I have a smaller car and I am used to certain settings and being able to ACTUALLY SEE when I change lanes. Remind me to buy a car and not a truck when I start car shopping again!

So onto this layout. The story is that whenever we are out, I am very leary about ordering food for Gabby because she is so picky. She will either say she doesn't want anything but juice or anything @ all. She also will have me order a meal, but only eat lets say the apples and dip, but leave her burger sitting there. This day  Gabby, Farrah and I went to Subway and all Gabby wanted was something to drink. Seriously Gabby? I had to ask her multiple times just to make sure that's all she wanted. So Farrah had ordered and sat down to eat and Gabby gulps down her little juicebox and goes to sit by Farrah, who offers her some of her sub. Then Gabby wants to eat so I ordered her food. End of story.

As you can see, I used no pink! I am on a roll. I wanted to try a star banner and it looked so cute in my head but when I put it on paper it didn't speak to me so I added another row and I guess I can live with the outcome. I used a Recollection star punch from Michaels and a variety of papers from Lily Bee Buttercup line. Then I threw some paint and misted with Tattered Angels Electric Blue. As for the photo mat, I didn't want to be wasteful so I used the left over and punched with Fiskar's Upper Crest. I used the new Crafter's Workshop Mini Life Strips (6x6) and dabbed over it with Adirondack dabber in Clover. It looked a little too naked so I added 2 buttons. Have you shopped @ Button's Galore? I must have spent $40 bucks on buttons a few months ago. Yes I love buttons!

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  1. Mia, honey...I AM your mother on the freeway! lol I know how frustrating it is for you ...because Mr Handsome has to give "the talk" before we leave the driveway! lol Love the story behind the YUM page! It turned out precious and totally reminds me of our middle son. Picky with a capital P! Thank goodness this phase does pass! Have a great weekend! :)