Thursday, May 3, 2012

One heck of a day!

My day has been crappy. Work seemed to have dragged on and on for hours and it seems as if people don't want to do their job. I work in state government and I manage state benefits. Lets say everyone isn't on the same page and there is a lot of passing the buck. I was so fed up, I had to drop a dime and speak to my supervisor about the situation. I watched the clock all day, just waiting to get the kids so I can hit up 2 Michael's and use my Joann's 50 % off coupons to replace the Doodlebug ink pads that Gabby (the 3 year old) tortured and abused last night by mixing the pool blue with the bubblegum pink pad so now the blue is blue pink and the pink is pink blue. Also to mention she left the blue open so it dried out some...I just bought them last week....

On another note I did end up first going to TJ Maxx to see what I could see. Mind you I had 1 screaming 3 yr old and an 8 yr old that wanted to put their hands on everything they could. I was so nervous because we were by the frames and I told Gabby that they were made of glass (they weren't really made of glass) so please don't touch them~ which she did by the way and knocked one down. The lady next to me just laughed. I told them to stop so many times I was becoming annoyed @ my own voice. Then we go to check out and they are touching every candy bag they can see. I said no so many times....BUT I did pick up these beauties: I had to grab the ppr, I've seen it @ Michael's but never bought it because I didn't like it then but when I saw it I had to have it, I love the finish and the colors. I liked the punch too. I can use it to add texture. That same punch was $24.99 @ M's. Great deal right. The ribbon is soooo pretty. I love Elizabeth Kartchner's Dear Lizzy line. Very dainty. Love the animal print stamps too. Oh and the heart punch is soooo cute. I was planning on using the half off coupon on the $6.99 Doodlebug stamp pad HOWEVER when I saw those hears I knew I had to have it! Don'tcha just love those hearts???

ppr $2.99/$3.99. $7.99 punch

Ribbon $9, stamps $2.99

$8.99 w/ 50% off. Cute right

So back to my crazy day! Yesterday I came home to a note in my door stating my building was being sprayed for pests....I don't have any but other ppl do.  So we were told to clean out the closets and pack our things, in addition to being gone for 3-4 hrs. My body is soooo sore from moving things to and fro. Finally getting all the clean laundry out of the bags they've been in for months. I rarely put clothes away after washing. So the kids and I went to Spring cleaning! We still need to put things away, but maybe this weekend. I thought about the 2 closets full of my scrapbook items. Uh uhhhh, No I am not moving them. You can spray the kitchen and the bathroom but not those 2 closets. I've moved enough things and I am just too beat to move anything else. I guess this is my motivation to clean and get organized! We have too much stuff. Have a blessed evening. 


  1. Great finds!!! Congrats! New follower!

  2. Yummy...Love that punch


  3. My goodness, your day was rough! Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend. Oh and hey, don't feel bad, my 9yr old has to touch everything too. I keep wondering when he's gonna out grow that. I don't remember my two older sons being that way, lol. Have a good one and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment :D

  4. Lovely LO and love the skyline on blog too. Where is it at.....

  5. Hello everybody and thanks for the encouragement. Martica, it's the lakefront in Milwaukee, WI.

  6. Oh my I thought I was the only mother that had those problems LOL! Great finds with your coupons!