Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Well, no layouts today because my house is a mess. Yesterday we started cleaning out the storage closet. 1 closet led to cleaning 2 other closets. I'm bagging things up and giving the clothes away to the kids daycare.  I'm sure others can benefit.

 It's about 85 degree's here in Milwaukee but very, very breezy and there's a "sever thunderstorm alert" until 8pm....But I have not seen any rain yet. It's sunny, then clouds, then sunny again. Very beautiful but why am I in the house? Because I'm hot dangit. I sat around, debating if I wanted to take some pictures but I was scared because it looked like it was going to rain and we were going to walk to the park. We went out, took a few pictures, started to walk to the park, but Farrah was complaining so we turned around and went back to the house. I'm glad we did because it looks like it is going to rain any moment.

I did venture out early this morning over to J's to see if there was anything I could use my 20% total purchase from Michael's on. I picked up a butterfly stamp for $4.99, a pack of Basic Grey buttons/brads combo (Serendipity) for $1.99 and this Scrapbook Trends June 2012 magazine.

So I'm going to cool off a bit and head out to my aunts. Yesterday we went to my mother's house to eat and the kids played outside. Today is a different story, when you work Mon-Fri you relish the day you have off, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Here are a few of the pictures that I took of Farrah today:


  1. Such a beautiful young lady! glad you got a couple shots anyways!

  2. I love clean up clean out days! Love the photos of you dd too I got to take better photos! Scenery is always wack! lol

  3. Thanks guys, there's alot of greenery where I live.

  4. Your daughter is just adorable. I too spent the day organizing. It feels as if I lost weight, although not a pound is gone from my hips, only my closet. :-)