Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back In School Cool and A photoshoot

The kids have returned to school. Yes!!!! Back to learning, hanging with friends and getting on my nerves with homework and not wanting to get up early in the morning. Gabby cried a bit the first day, she didnt want to leave me....Well she's 6 and in first grade so it's time she gets it together. My 10 year old started 5th grade. I pray she keeps her mouth shut this year. Please pray with me lol....She's a talker and is bossy. I do not like that.....

This is the best one I got, they did not want to take many of them

More pictures:
Fake smiles and normal look

Them looking away from me
Baby did not want to smile
Really no smile Gabby???
On Sunday I took some pictures of Farrah:

And here's Gabby:

Then I handed the camera over to Farrah:
Me being silly:


Gabby took the following I have more in my other camera which weren't too bad but keep in mind she is only 6 :

Ok thats enough for now, I do have some layouts to upload so I'll try to do that tomorrow. Have a blessed day. 

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