Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid week check in

Hello hope your week is going well. I am stillll waiting to hear about the interview. See I manage a caseload for foodshare, medical, childcare and other income maintenance programs. The job can be highly stressful but I do what I have to do to maintain. But there's alot of speculation and rumors going on about who got offered the jobs....I want to advance and I feel like I am wasting my potential. Yes its more work and a few more bucks but I would be a lead worker and serve as a resource of information to my coworkers and I would still maintain a caseload and see my clients. I love seeing clients and connecting with them on some level but I feel like I deserve a promotion, not that I deserve the job. I'm sure there are others who feel that they deserve a promotion too. I guess I don't like the word deserve because I don't deserve anything. I work hard and make sure my work is done timely. I read the policy and I ask questions if I need assistance. I help others where needed, sometimes I go beyond. I do get bored @ the level I am on; I need some projects to keep me busy throughout the day and I feel like this job would give me that.

Well let me stop whining. I'm blessed to have a decent job but I need more! I know you guys have been there right? The kids had great reports during parent teacher conference. Farrah is a big talker but she gets her work done. Gabby, who is 4, is writing her name. Shes getting very good @ it. She's quiet and has made a few friends. For the most part she listens but sometimes she will get cranky during nap time. Not because she wants to sleep, but she doesn't want to lie down! She will pitch a huge fit and the teacher will try to calm her down or call me. But her teacher said she loves having her in the class and she's really sweet.

Well goodnight everyone. Be blessed.

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